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Please read the letters and emails from concerned residents of Regency Towers.  Management is not responding to anyones inquires. We all have to band together to keep the heat on in order to start getting some answers.  If you would like to have something posted, email me at the link below.

Check out the letter below from the Attorney for the Senior Citizens Law Project that was sent to the board members.

To All,
Against my better judgment I’m going to respond to this email.
I recently brought to the attention of the Manager the fact that I observed the staff sealing the bottom of the pool deck in the garage and by doing that there was a risk of structural failure.  If there is a leak water flow thru the structure and causes the rebar to rust thereby reducing the structural integrity of the deck.  Bu sealing in the water the rebar will rust faster since it will be sitting in a pool of water. Not a good situation.  Per this email you had WRIGHT confirmed that observation and advisory and those cracks will be unsealed.  The pans were removed because when they are up we cannot see where the leaks occur and when we see them we go up on the deck and seal them.  If you do not seal them but simply just collect the water in pans you will be slowly rusting the rebar and the deck will be weakened to the point where sooner or later it will fail.  It was the opinion of the previous Board’s Building Committee (3 engineers with construction management expertise) that it would be wiser to send out a porter to clean off the water that may have leaked on a car and even give the owner a free car wash than to take the chance of a structural failure.  That was the rationale.  If the Board wants to put pans back up again and cover up knowing where the leaks occur and than sealing them on the pool deck that’s their prerogative. Personally, I think that would be unwise.  There will ALWAYS be leaks because of the LV temperature extremes and ground movement.
Let me address the tone of this email.  It’s time this Board gets off its hate kick and stops blaming the previous Board for everything that goes wrong.  If This Board had bothered to hold a transition meeting with the hated “Fred Peters Board” you would have learned what had been done, why it was done, and what had to be done to maintain the warranties.. So, you are operating out of ignorance and placing blaming for your own failures. You began working with things you knew nothing about and never made any effort to become informed. The Gas Heat Pump installation is a prime example.  The solution to this Building’s problems will not be found by an attorney reviewing all the paperwork. You’ve already spent almost $13,000 on attorney fees and while it may give you a warm fuzzy feeling it isn’t going to tell you what to do technically   It takes a technical expertise that the corporate attorney does not have nor, for that matter, do any of you on this Board. That’s why you had to have WRIGHT tell you to do something that any engineer or maintenance person should have known.  Rather than ask the people in this building to help you by providing their technical expertise you’ve elected play a blame game. Accuse your predecessors, who had a great deal of technical expertise, for all your failures and ask an attorney what to do.  You were elected to address the building’s problems and solve them. You inherited what your predecessors did (that could be several Boards) and with complete lack of understanding of any of it made what they did worse!  Now when Fred Peters brings to your attention, via the Manager, a situation that could be catastrophic the Manager’s response is to not work the problem but to turn it over to the Board for resolution.  And what is the Board’s response?  An attack on me for bringing up the matter.  Make Fred Peters pay for more tin or a special assessments are ridiculous comments.  They reflect the degree of hatred this Board shows toward the previous Board (two of whom are on this Board).  I could have just sent an anonymous letter to the County Building Department and let them handle the matter rather than show you the courtesy of advance notice.  The Japanese have as saying:  “fix the problem not the blame.”
Fred Peters

I can not show on the website the letter that Fred Peters is responding to from Barbara Munson because of a disclaimer at the bottom of her email.  It would be in her best interest to let me show it.

I think everyone would like to know the answers to the questions below.

Dear Fellow Homeowners,

 Please join forces with me on this most important issue. The Super Bowl is fast approaching and I am very much concerned there may   NOT   be Macadamia Nut Cookies for me to enjoy at the party. I really do like Macadamia Nut cookies and I really don't care much for any of the others. I am sure the party plans are well under way and your support for this issue would be most welcomed. I don't have e-mail addresses for most of the owners in the building so it would really be appreciated if you could forward this e-mail to as many owners as possible to help in my quest.

 We are very fortunate that the extensive planning for our Super Bowl Party will not be impeded by any minor issues such as the rotting plumbing in a forty year old building. Your dedication to the board of directors has assured us, the owners at Regency Towers, that the priorities are all in place. We all know Super Bowl Sunday comes upon us very quickly and is over quickly, not to return for another lengthy twelve month wait, and minor issues like a little water will be here to address long after Super Bowl Sunday. Fortunately we are able to address not only priorities, but also logic and common sense. Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing all of you on Super Bowl Sunday. (With Macadamia Nut cookies I hope)



PS: There actually is a little bit of an inconsequential discussion I was hoping to bring to your attention. I received a letter (sources unknown) which outlined a contract we had entered into by the previous board, which sounded like an excellent plan for our "rotting plumbing" problem, but which the new board chose to throw out. This was followed with an arrangement with a company that doesn't so much as have a Nevada State Contractors License as a possible resolution to this problem. I was amazed at the letter and said to myself there must be several inconsistencies in that letter and I really would like to know what's fact and what's fiction. So, further to the transparency and other campaign promises made, I took it upon myself to write to the board and to our general manager and ask those questions. There is no way I can possibly evaluate the accuracy of the letter and I thought it only appropriate to direct my questions to those in the know and anticipate honest, simple answers in return for the significant investment we have made in Regency Towers.


There is not a day that goes by that I don't hear of a plumbing related problem/incident within this building. That being the case (with resulting costs and inconvenience, as well as the potential health threats) how can there possibly be any other  issue coming to the table before the "rotting plumbing" of Regency Towers? Is this an issue we sweep under the table because we don't like the people who started the efforts to attack the problem, or do we have some other “hidden agenda”?


I received a feeble response for my e-mail from the President which presented more concern over where I got the letter, rather than addressing any of my questions, but telling me they were working on the problem with consultants and attorney's. Boy, when you mention attorneys to resolve a plumbing problem, you scare the pants off me. In turn I wrote back asking for real answers and the response that followed was to attend the next board meeting. I would love to, but my cardiologist has strongly suggested I keep far away from anything like that. (He obviously has other patients that own at Regency Towers). Not withstanding his advice I did write back and ask if I would be allowed to ask questions going back to issues covered long ago and if I would be given time to get out all my questions, but I have not even had the courtesy of a response to that letter, from the President and our General Manager has not had the courtesy, decency or respect to respond to any of the e-mails. I had heard each homeowner is allowed only three minutes at a board meeting, and that actually makes sense since there are numerous issues to be reviewed at a meeting and just not enough time to answer questions that would in any event best be handled one on one. There is absolutely no common sense in answering questions for one person when the rest of the room may have already heard the answers. Answering questions like that would be most suited to either the general manager or a member of the board handling it in a one on one situation.


So now I am left with a multitude of questions that I really want answers to, and some of which I wouldn't be surprised to learn are questions other owners in the building would like to know, such as:


1. Was there ever a contract of this nature with AA Cassaro, which would be a significant relief to many or all of the plumbing problems we are facing?


2. If so, why did the board choose to ignore this contract, which appeared in our best interests?


3. Wouldn't we the owners be consulted with, and given an opportunity to negate such a contract? Or did that in fact happen, because I haven't been able to get any answers?


4. Why wold we entertain any involvement with a company not licensed in Nevada to attack the most serious construction issue the building faces? And, why would we entertain a "fix" that has yet to become a proven commodity, with many contractors fighting for the business, allowing us to choose a contractor we feel is the cream of the crop? Choosing a contractor without any competition certainly raises some questions and concerns about bidding, favoritism, kickbacks, etc. only to mention a few things, no?


5. Why would we, a homeowners association, have any involvement in helping a company get a Nevada State Contractors license, and having our sources help them in that quest?


6. Is this help going to be construed a a new line of business for the homeowners association, and something we will be considering for all future contractor issues?


7. And now, what might be considered a foolish and unnecessary question,  is anyone, Management, Board, President, Homeowners aware that a forty year old building may be the subject of plumbing problems, or do we simply want to ignore the problem and hope it will go away?


8. If the answer to the above question is a yes, then what are we doing about it immediately? Are we going to delay and delay an issue that was addressed years ago, with a resolution in place, and continue to discuss rather than remedy?


And more important questions as a homeowner:


1. Why does the president of the Board feel she has the right to not answer questions or e-mails, especially if you look at the continuing "board campaign promises" as outlined in the most recent newsletter. Is there something I am reading wrong in that newsletter?


2. Why doesn't the president forward e-mails directed to the board, rather than attempting to respond, or even worse, just ignoring them. I would think that is a complete lack of respect to both the homeowner and the board, and would ask if that's in keeping with just honest and fair practice, without even addressing the items referenced in the newsletter? Is this simply a representation that the president can handle it all?


3. Is there a reason we maintain a board at all if the president is just arbitrarily going to handle the issues without even consulting with the members of the board?


4. Why are we, as homeowners, paying a manager to sit in a fancy office and simply ignore questions raised by those who make that salary a reality, rather than immediately doing whatever possible to answer the concerns and questions a homeowner might have? Are we not entitled to at least that, for every concern we as homeowners might have?


I am sure lots of these questions have been answered at one point in time or another, but if a homeowner such as myself missed the answers I would think we have a General Manager on the payroll and one of the responsibilities of that position would entail dealing with owners to make sure they have a clear understanding of every one of their concerns that pertains to the building. From my observations we have a very competent young lady handling the day to say issues in the management office, keeping the manager free to deal directly with the owners on issues of this nature. If the manager feels he need not get involved, maybe the staff could be reduced to just one individual in an effort to reduce costs.


For your reference I have attached copies of the e-mails relevant to this as well as a copy of the “Board Campaign Promises”  as labeled   STILL IN EFFECT   in the latest ‘Our Regency Towers Association Newsletter’  dated January 7, 2013.



And, please let me say in conclusion, if I can get some sensible and honest answers to the above questions, it will be my utmost pleasure to supply our Super Bowl Party with not only Macadamia Nut Cookies, but also any cookies any homeowner may request!



 Sheldon Rayman, Unit 16 C

The Rayman Family Trust

2707 E Craig Road, Unit B

N Las Vegas, NV 89030

(702) 657-0373